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IV therapy formulated to enhance hydration and
help accelerate recovery from various illnesses

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Cellu-Blast Energy Drip

Cellu-Blast IV therapy is used by entertainers, athletes to hydrate before exhausting physical activity and post activity to properly rehydrate. Cellu-Blast is also best for correcting general dehydration. Cellu-Blast IV therapy also delivers minerals, antioxidants and electrolytes to detoxify your body and re-energize you after exhausting day. Cellu-Blast also provides an extra boost of energy that will return you to your normal state of health.

Cellu-Blast IV Hydration treatment includes :
• 500ml -1L IV fluid
• B12 injection
• Multi-vitamin cocktail (banana bag) 

Cellu-Blast Energy Drip – Cost: $199.00
Treatment Time: 60 minutes

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