Mommy Drip (Pregnancy & Lactation)

Are you pregnant and experiencing morning sickness, nausea, and vomiting (hyperemesis) (Gravida)? intravenous nutrients are safe for you. It is important to stay hydrated during pregnancy to reduce your risk of preterm labor and bring your baby to term.

We will administer intravenous electrolytes and nutrients to replenish the loss volume from vomiting. Rehydration along with replacement of electrolytes are important to support you and your bay’s health. If you have frequent nausea, we can add Zofran to treat your nausea. Zofran is considered safe for use in pregnancy.

Let us help you feel revived and replenish with IV nutrients. Take advantage of these  benefits now! Book your appointment online or call 516-345-2002 today .

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