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B-Slimma capsule can eliminate stubborn fat out of your body by burning and metabolizing the fat, and at the same time working as an appetite suppressant. In addition, B-Slimma capsule is also a beautifying product as it maintains skin elasticity, balances the body chemistry, and aids cell regeneration making you look years younger. 

✓ Suppress Appetite
✓ Reduce Fat Absorption
✓ Eliminate Fats
✓ Burn Extra Fats
✓ Rejuvenate Skin

Weight Loss B-Slimma : Cost: $50.00 / each bottle
Discounted Price : Buy 3 bottles at $135.00 



1. Bitter orange due to its active ingredient synephrine is known to suppress appetite and aids in weight loss and a safe alternative to ephedra. Bitter orange contains the tyramine metabolites 
2. Lotus leaf sacred plant to the Hindus and Buddhists. This flower signifies divinity and beauty and purity. Lotus leaf is associated with mother goddesses as a symbol of fertility. Lotus leaf prepared in hot water and taurine  is know to decrease fat and carbohydrate absorption and burn existing fat at a faster rate
3. Cassia Seed are bitter, sweet and salty in flavor. It it used to remove intestinal heat, smoothes the bowel, clear the liver and cures blurry vision. Can be used as a laxative for constipation.
4. Rhizomia Alismtis : Rhixoma alismati is a sweet bland and cold herb that has been used in TCM as antipyretic, anti-allergic , hypoglycemic and as a diuretic. It enhances the function of the kidney and bladder

Direction: Take 1 tablet in the morning with warm water 30 minutes after breakfast. Drink a minimum of 6-8 glasses of water per day to enhance the slimming effect. 
Do not take this product if you have high blood pressure, cardiac arrhythmia, hyperthyroidism, seizures, and planning to become pregnant or pregnant. 

CONSULT: This product has not been evaluated by FDA. BSlimma is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult with your medical doctor before taking this product.

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