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IV therapy formulated to enhance hydration and
help accelerate recovery from various illnesses

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Cellu-Recovery (Hangover Drip)

Ultimate IV infusion therapy to relieve excessive alcoholic intake and get rid of discomfort  and headache. Treatment may include up to 3 additional medication to restore wellness. Don’t waste any more time in bed, bounce back on your feet with a double dose of IV fluid, vitamins and medications.

Treatment package includes any 2 of 3 or all three medications listed below. Prices vary and will be discussed during your consultation visit.

Cellu-Recovery treatment includes :
• 1-2 L Normal Saline Solution
• Additional medications may include:
  ◦ Anti-nausea 
  ◦ PPIs 
  ◦ Anti-inflammatory (pain/headache) 

Cellu-Recovery Cocktail
Cost: $249.00
Treatment Time: 1.5 Hours

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